"Perhaps like many people who work away from home, I often used to get intensely anxious before travelling back. There was no logical reason for this – what was all the anxiety for?  I just needed someone to flip the switch in my head. Thankfully, Manuel managed to do this.  He explained clearly how hypnosis worked and checked that I was comfortable with it. The session lasted about 40 minutes.  I was in a state of being half asleep but I was aware of what was going on.  A few days later, I flew home and had the calmest travel experience I’ve had in years. I really can’t thank Manuel enough!"

David, 52

"Manu played a pivotal role in my acceptance of a chronic disease, offering unwavering support throughout my journey. I would have never imagined that hypnosis can be so effective and liberating. After receiving my diagnosis, I initially struggled to confront the profound impact it had on my life. Navigating the complexities of processing such trauma proved to be an arduous and painful task. Manu, with his profound professionalism, is guiding me through the intricacies of facing and embracing the emotional challenges that accompanied my health. I am glad I could meet him at this stage of my life."

Giulia, 27

"I went to see Manuel for hypnosis because I wanted to work on issues around lack of trust, abandonment and betrayal. Manuel's hypnosis practice helped me to heal childhood traumas that I thought were not there anymore. After only one session I felt free, deep self-love and self-acceptance. I am writing this over two months after our session and I still feel this great. Thank you for everything, Manuel."

Aline, 35

"I was struggling with some issues in my relationship with my now wife, and I was encouraged to seek professional help. That’s how I met Manuel. We held a couple of constructive sessions and his help was immensely helpful to my mental wellbeing and to my relationship. He used professional methods to assess the issues that I had and helped me to start a journey of understanding and healing. He’s attentive and kind. I strongly recommend him.”

Clement, 32

"I got in contact with Manuel due to strong feelings of anxiety and stress. With the space he gave me, I felt safe and calm and was able to discover the roots of my negative feelings. Manuel's consistent positive advice and mental support helped me to heal and to approach life much more positively. 

Thank you very much for all your time and support."

Alexander, 34

"I consulted Manuel during a very challenging time of my life. I was even taking medication and my sex life was causing me tremendous stress. Manuel helped me to work through those issues and develop a different perspective on things. I especially profited from the mindfulness practice as Manuel advised. This approach has helped to awaken my 5 senses in everything I am doing, pay attention to romance and considerably improved my sexual life. I am no longer taking any medication.

Therefore, I address a big thank you to Manuel for his assistance and kind support."

Bosco, 42

"I have been working with Manu for about six very turbulent months and I have developed enormously through the guided process and reflection. Manu supported me a lot in gaining clarity and in achieving my goals. By working methodically with him, I was able to better recognize my strengths and I learned to value myself more. Even more important for me was to become clearer about my weaknesses in order to work on them. If you want to work on yourself at a specific point or are in a difficult phase of your life and are looking for more clarity, I can wholeheartedly recommend working with Manu."

Jonas, 35

"I got to know Manuel, at a recurring low point, feeling lost, exhausted, demotivated, blocked, overwhelmed, indecisive, disinterested, confused, weak, angry. Manuel was my first attempt at seeking professional help, after many unsuccessful years of feeling this way and trying to think through things on my own.  Manuel introduced me to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and has supported me to better understand myself, especially, my core values, and what drives me away and towards what is important to me. For the first time in the now 37 years of my life, I learned from our sessions that I am not my thoughts and that I do not need to fight nor replace my feelings and emotions, but rather accept and welcome them. This skill has been liberating and has supported me to begin to focus on what really matters amidst the many unpleasant thoughts and emotions I face. As I am writing this review I am still seeing Manuel to work on a few other topics." 

Collins, 38

"At the beginning of 2023, I was going through one of the most difficult stages in my life. I had the feeling that the emotional pain would kill me and I didn't really know what to do. Unfortunately, in these situations we tend to isolate ourselves and want to resolve the situation ourselves, at least in my case.

Manu helped me in the moments when I thought I would suffocate and the internal pain pierced me like small daggers. Thank you Manu for your great support to heal little by little."

Maria, 41

"I experienced Manu as an incredible  counselor and mentor. I had online sessions with him over a couple of months and he guided me through various topics that I wanted to work on. 
- From classroom to career
Creating a mindser for success
Stress management
Anger management
Manu really knows what he is talking about and was able to break things down into very hands-on tools that can easily be applied in everyday and work situations. I have learned so much over the course of our coaching and I can really say that I have grown as a person."

Walter, 23

"I consulted Manuel with the specific aim of gaining a clear understanding of my relationships and family life. Manuel, patiently and enthusiastically, helped me to review my personal relationships and together we analysed the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Through this process I came to a balanced conclusion that helped me a lot in the way I enjoy living my family life. Manuel does not at all act like a teacher, he just remains receptive to whatever can be your way of thinking and I felt I was able to clean things up inside of myself. I saw Manuel for 4 weeks and this gave me the tools and insights that I needed to help me achieve my inner relationship peace. I’m so very grateful to him and can’t recommend his service enough."

Didier, 41