Online Coaching Sessions

As a person who has been living abroad for many years, I really appreciate the opportunity and perks of online coaching sessions. Online coaching comes with quite some benefits as it allows you to save  time, energy and travel expenses. You can attend the coaching sessions from the comfort of your home or wherever you currently are in the world. My own personal experience as well as research have shown time and time again that online coaching works just as well as in-person coaching, especially if the coach uses methods and techniques that are suitable for the virtual coaching context.


However, there are some methods and interventions that are not particularly suited for online usage, among those, hypnosis and EMDR. If you want to work with those methods and you are not able to come see me in-person, please send me a message and we'll talk about possible options. It is not a general no for online hypnosis and EMDR, but we have to speak about it before.


I offer the option of online video consultations via Zoom or Google Meet. You need a good internet connection and a fully charged computer, tablet or smartphone with a built-in camera and a microphone. I highly recommend that you find a quiet, well-lit and undisturbed place for our consultations. It will be easier to engage more fully in the sessions if you feel confident your conversations cannot be overheard.

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